Open Call

Vincent Desiderio's Anti-workshop

Menorca Pulsar

No Funding
Ciutadella, Spain


Free admission (chronologically). Open tuition.

Number of Participants

12 minimum | 18 maximum


Selection Results (Announcement Dates)


April 18, 2022 - April 24, 2022


  • €1,895.00 application fee


Apartment, Hotel, Kitchen, Live/Work, Private Bathroom, Private Housing, Private Room, Shared Bathroom, Shared Room


Breakfast, Chef on Site, Coffee, Dinner, Lunch, Tea, Vegan, Vegetarian

Public Programs

Courses, Critique, Demo Day, Discussion, Group Dinners, Mentors, Professional Development, Retreat, Round Tables, Schools, Seminars, Workshops


Conceptual Art, Digital Media, Drawing, Illustration, Immersive Experiences, Interdiscplinary Arts, Painting, Visual Arts



Program Description

The goal of this anti-workshop is to transform the way you make decisions, while you unlearn the ideas that are limiting you as an artist. You can lower your guard because this teacher is one of the few who will not try to tame you, and you’d better open your mind because he will not treat you like a schoolboy either. Desiderio will shake your intelligence and your sensitivity so that you take yourself more seriously as an artist and take responsibility for your own decisions, not for those you were taught at the school. Prepare yourself for long and deep chats about how to paint beyond academic exercises. We will talk about our personal vision, the technical narrative and how to carry it out. So at this anti-workshop, you will not be patted on the shoulder when doing some exercises right, but we will celebrate your courage to grasp the nettle and stop studying art in order to start making art. Real art, nothing to do with playing around with images you get from the internet.

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