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Exercising Modernity Academy 2022 Open Call

Pilecki-Institut Berlin

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Berlin, Germany


Participants will be selected in an open call procedure, with a maximum of 18 people from Germany, Israel, and Poland (selected candidates should be a permanent resident of one of the aforementioned countries – citizenship is not required. Refugees from Belarus or Ukraine are most welcome). This call for proposals is directed at individuals. The Exercising Modernity Academy 2022 is open to researchers specializing in the humanities or cultural heritage, curators, architects, and artists who shall come from or reside in Israel, Germany or Poland. Admission to the Academy requires good working knowledge of the English language. Candidates shall be aged 18 or above.

Number of Participants



Selection Results (Announcement Dates)


October 17, 2022 - October 23, 2022






Breakfast, Vegetarian

Public Programs

Discussion, Mentors, Panel, Schools, Seminars, Teaching Exchange, Visiting Professionals, Workshops


Architecture, Arts Administrator, Documentary, Journalism, Scholar, Social Practice



Program Description

Exercising Modernity Academy is an project for intellectual and artistic exchange, focused on describing the modern heritage in a new, interdisciplinary way as well as in an international context. The project aims to highlight modern ideas in a broader sense by tracing modernization practices in Europe and beyond, as well as by following the establishment of modern societies and modern states. Nevertheless, we pay special attention to culture, and more specifically to architecture, which we consider a unique field of various intersecting perspectives, ambitions, concerns and hopes relevant in the formation of the 20th century world. Exercising Modernity invites creators of culture, researchers, curators, and scholars who are interested in the history and culture of Poland, Germany and Israel to an intellectual, artistic and scientific exchange.

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