Open Call

Open call for 2020 Artists-in-Residencies

Siao-Long Cultural Park, Tainan, Taiwan

With Funding
Free / No Costs
Tainan, Taiwan


Siao-Long takes the concept of ‘Site-Specific Art’ as its theme for the AIR program in 2020. A. We welcome applicants who are interested in: 1. Interdisciplinary 2. Visual arts 3. Performance 4. Photography B. For 2020, we Especially welcome artists to work on art projects which are related to the topic of sugar, candies or fairy tales from cultures all over the world. C. We also encourage artists dedicated to the environment, children’s art education and community engagement. We encourage artists to develop a resident program on the theme of ‘site-specific art’, based on their specialty. The artworks should respond to the park’s environment, including the warehouses, corridors, the railway landscape, the children’s museum, and either the indoor or the outdoor spaces. They should also engage with the locality’s natural and historical sites, and with local communities. D. All applicants must be able to communicate in either English or Chinese.

Number of Participants

1. Siao-Long offers professional art galleries' space and suitable accommodation for free and adequate materials fee for artists; however, we do not have the service for assisting artists to complete art works. For example, you are an conceptual artist which relies on a professional team to help you to create art works. 2. We only subsidize selected artists, which means if you and your assistant would like to both participate, you need to apply as a duo/team. Please note that if you apply as a duo/team and are selected, your subsidy for living expenses is for a team, rather than for each single artist. For example, if two applicants apply as a duo and are selected, the living expenses are NT$30,000, which means the subsidy of NT$30,000 is for two artists, rather than for each single artist. 3. Please note that If you do not apply as a team including your assistants during submission and you are selected in the end, the accommodation is not available for non-artists to stay.


Selection Results (Announcement Dates)


April 30, 2020 - October 29, 2020


  • $3,200.00 material budget (one-time)
  • $960.00 stipend (monthly)


Gallery, Individual Studio, Stage


Apartment, Kitchen, Private Bathroom


No meals

Public Programs

Community Engagement , Exhibition, Performances, Workshops


Architecture, Digital Media, Drawing, Installation, Interdiscplinary Arts, Multimedia, Photography, Visual Arts


English, Mandarin

Program Description

What do we offer? *Please note that ALL artists are required to be able to complete art works by themselves, Siao-long only provides subsidy and administrative support. 1. Up to three months with free accommodation and studio. 2. Living and working expenses in Taiwan (including 18% personal income-tax and insurance) - partly subsidized (NT$ 30,000 per month maximum). The total amount will be paid in two installments. Artists will receive payment directly, excluding any tax. 3. Presentation expenses - The maximum allocation is NT$ 100,000 (including tax), which will be paid directly to the relevant contractors. The above expenses include: providing a service or materials used in completing workshops, exhibitions and performances; fees for flyer design and printing, art work insurance, translation fees, and expenses for a press conference, etc. Any transportation fees for works are excluded. 4. Artists need to complete one exhibition/performance before the end of residence.

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