Open Call

SAPPORO TENJINYAMA ART STUDIO – International Open Call 2021, swimming in AIR (remote online residency)

Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio

With Funding
Free / No Costs


Applicants must: 1)Have a nationality other than Japanese and live in a country other than Japan. (Foreign artists living in Japan and Japanese artists living overseas are not eligible.) 2) Be able to communicate in either English or Japanese with a staff, colleague artists and the local community. 3) Be able to concentrate on their research and the program activities for the full period of 60 days. 4) Be able to understand and follow the aim of the International open call program and proceed with their autonomous activities during their stay. 5) The copyright of the work plan and project produced during the residence belongs to the artist. 6) Preferably not have previously participated in an AIR program in Japan. 7) There are no restrictions on age or gender. When applicants are students, postgraduate level is required.

Number of Participants

2 (people or groups)


Selection Results (Announcement Dates)


August 31, 2021 - October 29, 2021


  • ¥100,000 material budget (one-time)
  • ¥400,000 stipend (one-time)


VR Studio




No meals

Public Programs

Mentors, Online Exhibition, Self-Directed


Visual Arts


English, Japanese

Program Description

We can’t move from our habitual place again this year but we can release a kite to the sky and let it fly. "The name of the thing is octopus and the squid in my hometown" This is a haiku composed in Tokyo(Edo) in 1675 by a poet from Kyoto, Shintoku Ito. The kite-flying, which was called "squid climbing" in Kyoto, was written in response to being called "octopus" in Edo and it points out that the name of the thing was changed in another land. The Shogunate banned kite-flying naming it "squid climbing", and to circumvent this ban the common people who loved flying kites nicknamed it “octopus” instead of “squid”. I thought this haiku describes the spirit of those common people, their irony, wit and sense of seeking fun. The generations that came after them were probably equally enigmatic, and that goes for the present generation too. We may face another constraint but we can cope through creativity, that's the real pleasure of managing AIR.

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