Crossing Bridges

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Founded 2019
Mexico, Mexico


Crossing Bridges was created in New York City to sponsor Tlacopac International Artist Residency in Mexico City and the artist residency activities of the Pantzingo EcoTourism Park imagined, built, and managed by the indigenous P'urepecha people of the state of Michoacán, Mexico. Artists visiting from anywhere in the world may apply to stay only at Tlacopac or only at Pantzingo, or may orient themselves at Tlacopac, and go on to deepen their immersion into Mexican art and culture by going on to Pantzingo. Tlacopac exists in the Manuel Parra-designed former home of New York-born jewelry designer, painter, and assistant to Mexican muralist José Clemente Orozco, Annette Nancarrow, and her husband, Arkansas-born experimental composer Conlon Nancarrow. Tlacopac and Pantzingo welcome artists of all art forms. We welcome indigenous, AfroMexican, senior, LGBTQIA, artists with disabilities - all serious artists interested in an immersive creative experience with their Mexican counterparts.

Local Information

Tlacopac International Artist Residency is located in the southern part of Mexico City known variously as Tlacopac, or Aguilas ("Eages"), or Barranca del Muerto. The home was designed and built in 1948 by legendary Mexican architect Manuel Parra with many elements rescued from colonial homes that were being destroyed in the 1940s and 50s in part of Mexico's move towards modernism. The Pantzingo EcoTourism Park is located in a volcanic pine reserve on communal property owned by the P'urépecha or Tarascan people, who were never conquered by the Spanish and whose culture is therefore more-or-less intact. They many individual cabins and a small number of larger cabins, most in the4 traditional troje ("TRO-hay") style of the P'urépecha, can house up to 35 artists and other visitors.

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