GlogauAIR Berlin

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Founded 2006
Berlin, Germany


GlogauAIR offers the use of a studio space in a superb location in the heart of Berlin's creative district of Kreuzberg and a unique experience of taking part in a residency program catered to artists of all disciplines. With a base in Berlin to call home and to live and work while being able to visit the city and its myriad of cultural venues you will join a place where other artists are living and working to share similar experiences in an atmosphere of friendship and collaboration.

Local Information

GlogauAIR is situated just off the Landwehr Canal, a picturesque river filled with swans, and lined with trees, which crosses the entirety of the very walkable area. Historically Kreuzberg, which sits on the western border between East and West Berlin, was characterized as a neighborhood of elegant buildings housing working and middle class families. It features many industrial enclosures that lodge small factories, publishing and printing houses, and crafts businesses. After the war, Kreuzberg became a frontier neighborhood whose accessible rents and wide open spaces attracted young people from across Germany and the world In the 70s and 80s the alternative character of the squat movement flourished along with the arrival of artists from all disciplines, turning the Kreuzberg quarter into the new epicenter of culture. creative, multi-cultural heart of the city, a zone that has preserved its essential character while allowing the constant flow and influence of new ideas..

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