Kunstraum LLC

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Founded 2015
Brooklyn, United States


In 2015, we opened the gallery and artist-hub Kunstraum by the Navy Yard in Brooklyn. As an interdisciplinary team of curators, artists, and architects, we seek to promote emerging art, as well as outstanding exhibition concepts featuring both established and emerging art. Kunstraum is both a gallery and a studio space. Our concept features both a gallery and co-working space spread between two 1,000 square foot lofts. The lofts are situated in a beautifully renovated factory building in the historically artistic neighborhood of Clinton Hill. Kunstraum aims to redefine the way artists and curators collaborate. By opening our gallery to different art professionals interested in sharing engaging ideas, unconventional thinking, and risk taking, Kunstraum pushes the parameters of emerging, international, contemporary art. Kunstraum is born out of a necessity to create community and foster collaboration between artists, architects, curators, designers, filmmakers and writers. Th

Local Information

We are located at 20 Grand Avenue, space 509 Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. This is close to the Navy Yard, in an industrial area left of the 278 between the Navy Yard and Clinton Hill. Kunstraum is located half a block away from two bus stops and within walking distance to the Subway. For cars, streetside parking is available all around the Navy Yard. JFK and LaGuardia International Airport are also close by.

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