All Is Leaf

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Founded 2019
Taos, United States


All Is Leaf is a roaming art and ecology residency program featuring retreats in novel spaces dedicated to fostering socio-ecological consciousness within the creative practice through deep, meaningful engagement with the earth and others. Found among the notes of the poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe is the claim: “Everything is leaf.” Through his fascination with plants and an in depth examination of their totality, noting the “morphology” of the natural world, he concluded that every part of a plant is leaf. On nature, Goethe wrote, “We live within her, yet are foreign to her. Conversing with us endlessly, she never divulges her secret… Nature is even the unnatural. Those who cannot see her everywhere do not see her clearly anywhere.”

Local Information

All Is Leaf is now accepting submissions for two upcoming programs: The Phoenix Earthship Residency from April 11-17, 2020 Geodesic Dome Residency from April 27 - May 3, 2020 All creative beings seeking dedicated time to contemplate land and earth and who desire participation in sustainable creative acts to change the world are encouraged to apply. If your work advocates awareness, innovation, or revolution towards a better relationship with our earth and each other, we want to hear from you. Stay in a 5300 sq. foot earthen complex while making art and interacting with the beautiful New Mexico landscape, flora, and fauna. Experience the unique vibrational frequency of a Geodesic Dome centered directly in the Mt. Hood National Forest, a dormant volcano capped by glaciers and covered in acres of old growth forest. These are one-time residency experiences, as All Is Leaf is a nomadic program looking to introduce artists to new ways of making and thinking concerning the environment.

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