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Founded 2008
Fuzhou, China


What is “AnotherLand”? "AnotherLand" is a reflection of human civilization development; "homeland" is the discussion of how to continue the human's civilization. "AnotherLand" is not an ascetic to himself, but trying to study how to make the human's life to be more comfortable. "AnotherLand" is not opposed urbanization, but letting people to have the freedom to choice between cities and anotherland. "AnotherLand" is not opposed technology, but discussing the merge of nature and technology.

Local Information

As the first experimental site of Intentional Community in China, Southern Life is a collection of explorers of “social possibilities” from all over the world. Committed to the same mission and lifestyle, our members have created and shaped varied prototypes of communities, that are intended to be free from constraints of geography, privilege, policy, landscape, economy and educational level. Here, everyone is welcomed to put their innovative and creative ideas to practice, simulation and trial. In doing so, we wish to generate more forms of intentional communities, and contribute to a process of global diversification. In particular, we welcome “creators” rather than “joiners”, and expect members to participate in areas including but not limited to ecological construction, sustainable energy, natural farming, environmentally friendly daily necessities, organizational decision-making methods and other research practices.

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