Art pelgrimage “The ladder of paradise”

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Founded 2023
Dahab, Egypt


We invite artists, musicians, directors, photographers and any art lover and creators to the art pilgrimage from September 16 to October 7, which will take place in Egypt, South Sinai. What is an Art Pilgrimage? This is a format in Art at the junction of an art residence and a pilgrimage tour. Art pilgrims create their works on the basis of the sacred text written in the place of pilgrimage and visit places of Power and transformation of consciousness. Each participant will work in their individually chosen art form (painting, music, dance, digital, etc.). Along the way, it is possible to create collaborations between the participants of the tour. Also during the whole process we will provide - PR in social networks to show your art work. Art pilgrimage in Egypt was created on the basis of the book of St. John of the Ladder "The Ladder of paradise". This guide to the transformation of the soul - 30 steps that every person should go through in order to comprehend Divine Love.

Local Information

Egypt, South Sinai, Dahab. We will go to the Meeting with the Desert, visit the cave of St. John of the Ladder, dive into the "Blue Hole" - a lagoon with a depth of 120 m, climb Mount Moses (2256 m), visit the monastery of St. Catherine. These are places of Power and transformation of consciousness.

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