Associazione Demetra

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Founded 2004
Terni, Italy


Associazione Demetra is an organization which has been active for more than 15 years in supporting creativity in every form of expression and conceiving innovative formats in the cultural field. Since 2007 it promotes the art residency Nutrimenti-habitat creativo, open to Italian and international artists of any formation who have realized or have interest in developing participatory art projects and performative and / or ephemeral installative interventions, as well as urban games, in unconventional places in the urban landscape with a special attention to public space. The main idea of this residence is throw the seeds to create brave projects to grow together.

Local Information

The headquarter of Associazione Demetra is Centro di Palmetta: a multifunctional space and cultural center which has been hosting many different events during the years, from art residencies, to concerts to international exchanges. Today it is also home to ORTO21, an inclusion and training project for inmates from the prison of Terni, in which they work in a vegetable garden.

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