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Founded 2003
São Paulo, Brazil


Ateliê397 is a space for cultural intervention in the arts circuit, which promotes actions, projects and experiences that encourage the formation of other perspectives for contemporary artistic production. Recognized as one of the longest and most relevant independent venues in the city and country, it was founded in 2003 as a mix of events and exhibit space, and were based in Vila Madalena until 2016. Over the years, it has received and proposed debates, lectures, intense audiovisual programming, as well as courses and residency programs. In 2017, Ateliê397 migrated to the shed in Vila Pompéia and continues to undergo reformulations in its management mode, keeping alive the constant demand to rethink the functioning of the institutions and the art circuit in the country. Today, it is managed collectively, with a volunteer team that prepares and carries out the various space projects.

Local Information

In the Ateliê397 artistic residency program, Temos Vagas! (We Have Vacancies!), 10 artists will be selected. Each one will occupy an individual studio in a shared space within Ateliê397, located in the Vila Pompéia neighborhood in São Paulo. São Paulo is a Brazilian municipality, capital of the homonymous state and main financial, corporate and mercantile center of South America. It is the most populous city in Brazil, the American continent, Lusophony and the entire southern hemisphere. São Paulo is the most influential Brazilian city in the global scenario, being, in 2016, the 11th most globalized city on the planet. It is a world-renowned city and exerts significant national and international influence, whether culturally, economically or politically. It has important monuments, parks and museums, such as a Pinacoteca do Estado, o MASP, Ibirapuera Park, the São Paulo Botanical Garden and Paulista Avenue, and events of great repercussion, such as the International Art Biennial.

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