Atelier Piratininga

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Founded 1993
São Paulo, Brazil


Piratininga is a collective printmaking studio run by artists with the purpose of sharing the workspace, information, ideas, artistic and educational projects. It values the individual production of each artist and believes in human development through art. Since its foundation in 1993, Piratininga Atelier organizes and participates in many exhibitions in Brazil and abroad as well as in meetings with artists, courses, workshops, exchange projects, symposiums, lectures and publications involving numerous partners and collaborators. Moreover, it houses dozens of artists who develop short – or long term – projects through the Art Residency program. Artist Residency Program The program enables artists to develop independently temporary projects using the facilities of the studio space for the practice of engraving, woodcut, photogravure, screen printing and drawing. And, surrounding all those activities, the benefit of interacting with other artists.

Local Information

Atelier Piratininga is equipped to provide a safe and healthy professional work environment. The Visiting Artist Program aims to encourage artistic exchanges, to create common/collective projects, to experiment new techniques as well as learning other culture and language. Is located in the district of Vila Madalena, in Sao Paulo city, a neighborhood known for hosting a variety of art spaces, galleries, culture and entertainment.

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