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Founded 2017
Mitte, Germany


At BBA Gallery we work with ‘emerging’ and ‘mid-career’ artists. To us though, these are industry terms, labels that help simplify complexity. We believe that artists don’t need a label – they need a champion. A committed gallery, who kicks doors for them, introduces their work to collectors, shares their vision with the world. That’s why BBA Gallery launched in 2017. We find and represent artists with unique talent and ideas, a strong vision and a compelling style. Age or education are not the most important criteria for us. We’re more interested in authenticity, perseverance, professionalism and outstanding artworks, no matter the medium. We’re artists ourselves so we get it. We began as an artist-run project space in 2015, and our ethos has been clear since then – to seek out talented & passionate artists and give them all the nurture they need. Whether they’re emerging or mid-career (if we must use those terms).

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ABBA without an A? Their tunes might be on the gallery playlist, but all we have in common is a catchy name made up of capital letters: BBA. Which stands for Berlin Blue Art. You know what art is, but what’s Berlin Blue you ask? It’s a blue pigment invented in Berlin (the clue was in the name all along). Developed in 1706 this very, very dark blue was the first modern pigment and artists immediately began an ongoing love affair with its mystery and deep blueness that can appear almost black. It’s now known as Prussian Blue and is used to capture the elusive beauty of a night sky, or the deepest sea. The pigment was also popular because, previously, blues were known to fade. Berlin Blue doesn’t fade at all and is long-lasting. It has true staying power, and so do we (even on the dancefloor).

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