casa xaaninna

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Founded 2017
tulum, Mexico


Fundación Cultural Casa Xaán A.C. has as mission the study, research and diffussion of Quintana Roo cultural heritage and its link with contemporary artistic expresion and world life. Using a model for sustainable touristic housing which involves mayan architecture, composting toilets and grey water irrigation system, has been our home and temporary residence for fellow friends, artists and diserning travelers since 2013, being able to function without any pollution to the famous underground waters of the area. From 2016 Casa Xaán In Ná extends a call to international art makers interested in visiting the area for cultural purposes through it Art Residency Program.

Local Information

This house is at the rural community of MACARIO GOMEZ located in between Tulum Ruins at the beach (20km) and the ruins of the ancient city of Cobá (20km) on a very well communicated state road 109 known to run across several cenotes (maya: dtzonot: cave to the underground waters). This is on the border of what is known as the Mayan Area, where people here are mostly from quintana roo mayan families origins and still fluent in maya! and in use of many old traditions and costumes; at the same time clashing into a globalizing culture.

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