Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia

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Founded 2012
Coronel Portillo, Peru


Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia is a cultural association that offers a space for investigation in the rural Amazon region of Ucayali, Peru. Held in a family farm, Centro Selva offers a structure that helps artists relate to different aspects of this Amazon region, threw this relation, artists see their art practice from different perspectives. Artists participate in workshops, walks, and visits, they exhibit and share their process with fellow artists and the local community.

Local Information

Centro Selva works mainly in the Peruvian Central Amazon basin in the Ucayali region Este side of Peru. Its activities are in different areas of the region but the stay is in family-owned agricultural and livestock farmlands, Margenes del Bosque, in the Campo Verde district of Ucayali. Margenes del Bosque offers more than 400 hectares of forests, reforested areas, ponds, streams, prairies, fish farms, natural flora, and fauna. Margenes del Bosque is aligned with ideas Centro Selva in developing holistic projects of responsible production within a multidisciplinary approach.

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