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Founded 2021
Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Context AiR 2023: Artistic Practice in Public Space Artists-in-Residence Program in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, EU The AiR program is initiated and funded by the Culture Department of the Municipality of the second biggest city in Bulgaria – Plovdiv. The residency program aims at the production of new artistic works in public space, following artists’ interactions with the city and inspired by its distinctive character. The city of Plovdiv – with its eclectic mix of ancient and medieval history, socialist heritage, and modern reality, the experience it carries of a European Capital of Culture in 2019, home to a variety of ethnic and religious groups, and an urban-nature-scape that follows a charming river and a few hills – is the central thematic focus of the program.

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Allegedly the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe; and also one of the oldest cities in the World – Plovdiv is contemporary of ancient Troy and Mycenae still standing proudly by the 7 hills. The rich cultural heritage which cumulated for 8 millennia – sites like the Roman Stadium in the heart of the city; the Ancient Theatre – one of the best preserved in the World; Roman mosaics in the Small Basilica and the Old Town of Plovdiv with its splendid Bulgarian Revival-style wooden-frame houses dating back to 18th and 19th c. Plovdiv is the first Bulgarian city chosen to be European Capital of Culture. In 2019, twenty years after the city was a host of the Month of Culture in 1999, it celebrated the most prestigious cultural initiative of the European Union.

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