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Founded 2014
Nebbiuno, Italy


CROSS is a project by LIS LAB Association ,founded in 2014 by an idea by Antonella Cirigliano (LIS LAB and CROSS) and by Tommaso Sacchi (curator CROSS). LIS LAB’s artistic research activity is flanked by the CROSS project, which develops activities of production, training and promotion of projects related to contemporary performing languages, focusing on projects that encourage interdisciplinarity. CROSS Award is an international award, arrived in 2018 at the fourth edition, aimed at early works in the field of performing arts (dance, theatre, music). The award aims to stimulate the investigation and artistic expression related to the union of different styles and genres, evaluating as a rewarding factors the multi-language practices and the mixing of techniques and codes related to the various performing arts. The aim of the competition is to identify new productions that bring into dialogue the languages of the body and of the stage action with the musical composition.

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LIS LAB is a creative nest, a group of professionals, that for years has been organizing in the territory of the Lake Maggiore and Vergante human and site specific projects, to let the public experience the new languages of performing arts and dance. Aromas, flavors, stimulations of rarely used perceptual channels, are the tools used to compose scenarios, tell stories, animate rituals.

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