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Founded 2012
Zalaegerszeg, Hungary


Founded in January 2012 D’CLINIC is an independent, artist-run space with a vision of fostering creative boldness, risk, and experimentation within the contemporary art production. While located in a predominantly rural area it is furthermore our overall goal to make contemporary art and culture accessible to all regardless of their social status and/or prior artistic knowledge. We support art and artistic work through exhibitions, residencies, and educational initiatives. With the implementation of experimental programs, we try to provide artists with a spirit of re-vivification, reformed sense of purpose and confidence in their own creativity. We prioritize risk and innovation. We created two different residency frameworks for you to choose from- depending on what you wish to achieve while spending time in this extravagant European region. TRACTOR for individual research, and MIXER for artistic collaboration.

Local Information

In the dashing city of Zalaegerszeg; in the west of Hungary, on the banks of the Zala River, close to the Slovenian and Austrian border and only 220 kilometers (137 miles) south-west of Budapest. Famous for its natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and laid-back lifestyle, Zalaegerszeg offers an inspirational setting for intensive, introverted exploration, experimentation and/or creation within contemporary art practices. DID YOU KNOW: inside a radius of 220km (136mi) you can find all the major cities of this extravagant European region embracing 5 countries : LJUBLJANA – Slovenia VIENNA – Austria BRATISLAVA – Slovakia BUDAPEST – Hungary ZAGREB – Croatia

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