Dos Mares

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Founded 2013
Marseille, France


Dos Mares accompanies artists in the thought of their practice, the development of a professional network, the critical analysis of their work through international residencies programs focused primarily on art research. Other programs such as The Clinic for Artists, Opportunist Projects and The Gold Mine encourage the development of new hybrid and economic models, allowing artists to link their capacities, their competences to an activity they can benefit from.

Local Information

Artists are welcomed in France, Marseille for a period period of time between 1 and 3 months. These residences focus on art research and not production, the goal is to requestion artistic problematics, processes, approaches, plastic vocabulary, rethink projects, in a stimulating framework, conducive to encounters and discussions. During these residences the artist is accompanied regularly by one or more speakers in order to re-interrogate its practice, to deepen into semantic analyses of its artistic approach, to find new clues of work to broaden its scope. Dos Mares is a French non-profit based in Marseille. It was founded and is directed by Ronald Reyes-Sevilla, Costa Rican visual artist settled in France in 2013. In 2014 the Cross-Residency program was declared of cultural interest by the President and the Culture Minister of Costa Rica, in 2016 received the recognition medal by the French Senate.

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