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Founded 2019
Lisbon, Portugal


Seeking to stimulate creative processes, experimentation and plastic production as well as the discourse that these dynamics originate, Duplex presents itself as a privileged territory for the coexistence of different artists, different ways of creating and different ways of thinking about the work of art and its context. Valuing advances and setbacks, valuing error, failure, and disruption as participants in contemporary praxis, the entire structure and functioning of the Duplex seeks, in addition to celebrating the final results, to bring the public closer to the conceptual and procedural richness of artistic creation. For resident artists and curators, Duplex residency program allows a quick insertion in the artistic community of Lisbon, offering the possibility, time and space to develop and show their work.

Local Information

DUPLEX | Artists in Residence is an artist-run space, housing several studios, a residency program and a gallery, located in the center of Lisbon, in Gra├ža neighborhood.

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