EcoArt Project

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Founded 2021
New York, United States


We harness the creativity and the power of artistic expression to address the most pressing existential crisis of our lives: climate change. Since our inception EcoArt Project has: • Organized 5 juried art+design competitions • Published two editions of EcoArt Book • Produced 10 exhibitions and 6 salons • Compiled 1,300+ artists from 30 countries into our EcoArt Showcase • and reached approximately 3 million people with our campaigns… and we’re just getting started!

Local Information

While the world takes pause on travel, EcoArt Project’s international network is still active. We are working on unique formats to generate formative international experiences and our USA-Italy exchange has acquired new significance. In addition to offering special experiences to individuals who apply to participate in our residencies, all of our competition winners are offered an international residency experience. During the times of the Pandemic, we are creatively rethinking these international opportunities. The purpose of EcoArt Project Residencies is to offer an immersive experience in foreign surroundings, to explore the environment, to enact global people-to-people exchanges, and to inspire visions of environmental protection and sustainable development. EcoArt has propelled the production of artist projects into the international arena by engaging both the local community in the foreign country as well as global media to showcase your work or action.

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