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Founded 2011
Paonia, United States
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Elsewhere Studios is an artist residency program in Paonia CO, hosting artists from around the world to have time and space to focus on their work in a unique and supportive environment. Elsewhere is a choose-your-own-adventure style residency, providing residents with the opportunity to connect with the community... or just time to focus on work. Time spans are individually based - 1 to 6 months, accommodating 4 to 6 artists at a time in artistically created living and studio spaces. Mission: Elsewhere Studios Residency Program is a bridge between local and global communities. We provide a unique and fertile landscape that nurtures artists and their artistic processes. We offer focused time and space for artists to transcend to new levels in their work, ideas, and lives.

Local Information

Elsewhere exists in the heart of the small town of Paonia, Colorado, located at the base of Lamborn Mountain in the West Elks on the western slope of the Rockies - west of Delta, and about 1.5 hours from Grand Junction. The town itself has a population of 1500, but the surrounding mesas hold another 5000. It is surrounded by orchards, farms, and vineyards. Paonia has attracted artists, organic/biodynamic farmers and community minded folks for decades. This has resulted in a community of strong individuals, high interest in sustainable lifestyles, and a growing art scene where the mountains meet the desert.

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  • Res Artis
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Alumni Reviews

2017 Alumni - Residncy

like an air b&b - cute quirky environment, fun house.. not great facilities.. strange “house meetings “ and expected to do “chores” like a 5 year old- I wouldn’t consider it a residency

2018 Alumni - September

Nestled next to the beautiful mountains in the North Fork Valley of Colorado, Elsewhere was created with the artist in mind. I felt that the studio space, the gingerbread house, the supportive community, and Tomatoes all made this residency something truly special for me as an artist in search of an oasis for growth in my practice. Though I was limited to a month, I feel that I was able to focus. From physically making pieces to updating my professional practice, I feel that Elsewhere gave me a good blend between working and relaxing. The town is involved in the art community and interested in sustainable practices. I feel that there was always an event happening in town if I wanted to step away from working. The staff is consisted with some amazing ladies (Karen, Carolina, and Deirdre). They are all SUPERSTARS and always super helpful with any questions you have about the residency or the surrounding area. All are very involved in the community and genuinely care about every resident.

2018 Alumni - elsewhere studios

My time at Elsewhere had a magical charm to it. Like most residencies you are provided space and time to make your work but the charm of Paonia, the enthusiasm of the staff and the amazing artists I shared the space with elevated the experience and help foster life-long bonds. The only caution I will give is that the sliding time of one to six months for residencies; although allows for flexibility; can be deceptive. I was a resident for a couple of months but a lot of the other residents I met only had come for a month and complained about not having enough time. The program operates in a very professional way structuring a talk and a show every month allowing for more interaction with the community and providing a platform for artists to develop their professional speaking skills, as well as showing their work. The town itself has an idyllic feel, you can walk down the street in the fall and have apples just drop into your hand and everyone is always dancing.