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Founded 2014
Tàrrega (Lleida), Spain


EMBARRAT is a a festival of contemporary creation, a cross-disciplinary and transversal festival that gathers the most current trends in the world of art and contemporary creation, at the same time it gives visibility and impulse to the work of new emerging creators who use experimentation and exploration of new languages ​​as a form of expression. In 1931, EMBARRAT was the system of power supplier to simple machinery. With a single engine, and through a complex transmission system with straps and pulleys, the various machines of the industry were put into operation. In 2014, the Embarrat festival was born as a creation space that emerges from the recent industrial past, with the most absolute modernity through art and thought.

Local Information

Embarrat was born within the modernist industrial buildings of the Trepat Museum, origin of the social and industrial transformation of the region of Lleida, in Catalonia (Spain).

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