IATRUS residency program

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Founded 2023
Sofia , Bulgaria


The Iatrus Residency Program offers you a unique opportunity to explore and engage with the vibrant and dynamic art scenes of both Veliko Tarnovo (the former capital) and Sofia (the current capital). You are invited to develop a project, to begin research, to work with experienced curators and art practitioners, and to share your results in the form of an exhibition, a performance, an artist talk, a workshop, a presentation, an open studio day and also what goes beyond it. We are very open to inventing new ways of being together and can't wait to work with you on this first season of the Iatrus Residency Program - There has never been a second first. Ever. Artists and creative practitioners such as curators, art critics, designers and architects are invited to apply for a stay at Iatrus residency for up to two months (minimum one month). All selected applicants will be offered a one week stay in Sofia.

Local Information

Iatrus is the ancient Roman name of the river Yantra, which meanders through the city of Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria. The house where the residency program takes place is located about 100 meters from the river, in the oldest part of the city called Varusha South. We thought we could not overlook this fact, since the river is a source of life, and we see the residency in exactly the same way. The name comes with the ambition to establish a new center of creative visions from different disciplines, where artistic thoughts and exchanges meet new ways of expression and fulfillment. Where, in one way or another, you leave your mark on the life of Veliko Tarnovo. The house of the Iatrus Residency Program is more than 170 years old and has been completely renovated inside and adjusted to the needs of the residents. Originally it belonged to the Bai, when the Ottoman Empire was ruling these territories (until 1878). It has been among the most precious buildings around the area.

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