International Kuniumi Manga World Cup

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Founded 2019
Awaji City, Japan


An international competition aimed at selecting outstanding manga & artistic works related to traditional Japanese stories and mythology, with a focus on the topic of Awaji Island. Artists from every country are invited to participate and show off their creative talents! Participants in the competition can be selected for an award in the following categories: Category 1: Awaji Island & Japan Heritage General Award Create a work which is focused on the Japanese heritage location, Awaji Island and its associated themes including the ‘Legend of Kuni-umi (from the Kojiki)’ ‘Miketsukuni,’ ‘Ama,’ among others. Hajimari no Shima Award Create a work which is focused on the Awaji Island-themed RPG game Hajimari no Shima (soon to be released this year by the Japan Heritage Awaji Island Committee) Category 2: Kojiki Nihonshoki Manyoshu Award Create a work which is focused on regional traditions, stories, legends, and themes related to the ancient Japanese text

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〒656-2301 Hyogo-ken, Awaji-shi 2425-2 Kusumoto

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