Ferrara Showman Gallery

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Founded 1998
New Orleans, United States


Ferrara Showman Gallery is a collective environment of creative visions; a commercial gallery with a public conscience. Co-owned by artist/activist/entrepreneur Jonathan Ferrara and art historian/curator Matthew Weldon Showman, the gallery was founded in 1998 to give young and emerging artists a much-needed voice. Offering a forum for the exchange of creative ideas, the gallery’s program features contemporary artists whose aesthetics reflect a sense of purpose, mission, and message and whose studio practices encompass a wide array of mediums from painting and photography to public sculpture, video, and installation art. Since its inception the gallery has focused on cutting edge works by local, national and international artists, most notably: Cuba, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and Venezula.

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International, contemporary art gallery located in downtown New Orleans, Louisiana.

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