KAMEN Artist Residency

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Founded 2018
Orah, Bosnia and Herzegovina


KAMEN Artist Residency is an independent artist-run residency program initiated to provide a space for artists to live and work in proximity and engage in collaborative or solo projects. KAMEN is interested in exchange between people, ideas, methodologies and disciplines - bridging diverse practices and interconnecting in a variety of ways. KAMEN as well is suitable as a peaceful place for retreat; to work on the production of art works, perform research or write. It welcomes artists, curators, and academics across a wide range of specializations; artists working with performative practices, historical and sociopolitical research, mythology, anthropology, religion, geology, environmental issues, contemporary film and writing forms etc. Artists of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and genders are welcome, at different stages in their artistic career and across a variety of disciplines. KAMEN is a non-profit organization.

Local Information

KAMEN is located in a quiet rural area on the outskirts of Orah, a village that is home to just a few families, at the Bileća Lake in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It is a neighbor to a 14th century Orthodox monastery, where nuns practice painting of icons. The residency building indeed overlooks the lake Bileća, which was artificially formed in 1968. When the lake was constructed, five villages flooded, including the houses, graveyards, and also the remains of a Roman villa with beautiful floor mosaics. In the summertime when the water level lowers, it is possible to walk on the bottom of the lake, through the remains of the flooded villages and ruins. Two small islands in the lake, in front of the residency building, then become hills that can be reached on foot. The seasonal changes and the rich cultural responses to the seasons makes Orah an exciting and inspiring area, to which KAMEN aims to connect in its day-to-day life at the residency.

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