Kinosaki International Arts Center

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Founded 2014
Toyooka-shi, Japan


Kinosaki International Arts Center (KIAC) is an Artist-in-Residence center focused on performing arts. The center has a main hall, 6 studios, and 7 residences. It offers residencies and facilities for artists who wish to concentrate on their creative activities as well as to present their works. Artists can stay at the center for a minimum of 3 days and for a maximum of 3 months, with no facility charges and accommodation fees. The facilities are available for 24 hours a day. The center supports both creative activities for and presentation of new works in Kinosaki. KIAC also aims at sharing artistic experiences with local residents and tourists through workshops, trial performances, and “Meet the Artist” events, and making an environment where people meet and find new perspectives of the world.

Local Information

Kinosaki is a town renowned for its onsen and as the setting for the masterpiece, “At Cape Kinosaki”. The legendary author, Naoya Shiga, as well as authors of the Shirakaba-ha, and many more, visited the springs of Kinosaki. There, they experienced the 7 hot springs, lively hot spring district full of delicacies like crab, and the beauty of the surrounding nature, such as the Maruyama River and Genbudo, which is said to have formed over 160,000 years ago due to volcanic activity. Now, artists have taken the place of writers who came to relax their bodies and minds and to arouse their imaginations.

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