Little Poems Community

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Founded 2016
Beijing, China


We are an artist retreat community welcoming all writers, painters, fashion designers, visual designers, sculptors, musicians, multi-media artists, filmmakers, photographers, culinary artists, and creative people. The core value and intention of our community is to provide a quiet and exotic space for artists to find themselves and develop their artistic voice. We seek to separate ourselves from the traditional artist residency mentality. We welcome artists of all kinds; whether you’re an aspiring, emerging, or an established artist. We provide community for people wishing to retreat into the countryside. Unlike most residency formats, we have no requirement for artists to produce work during their stay. We believe rather in giving people the opportunity to slow down, recharge, and incubate on new ideas. While staying at Little Poems Community, artists can create as much or as little work as they choose.

Local Information

Our space is composed of 9 live / work studios in a 2-storey building built around a central courtyard. We also have ample communal rooms including a reading room, a dining room, a kitchen, a Chinese tea room, a Korean tatami sujo room, a yoga/meditation room, ceramics studio, high-speed WIFI, and a communal bathroom with 3 showers and 3 WC. Please see the Studios section of for additional images and information. We are located in a small village, surrounded by farming culture and Beijing's only wetland park, we offer traveling artists a unique look into Chinese rural life found nowhere else. More specifically, we are: 35 mins from airport by car 20 mins from subway by car 1.5 hours from Beijing city center by public transportation 45 mins from Beijing city center by car

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