A4 Residency Art Center-A4 Art Museum

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Founded 2008
Chengdu, China


A4 Residency Art Center is an interdisciplinary and open collaboration platform that takes residency as its method and perspective. We aim to explore the integration of diverse creative resources among communities, cities, and international partners, by tapping into local culture and international cooperation opportunities. Sharing knowledge and experience related to residency programs connects various groups of values and aspirations that are community driven. To promote communication and interaction among interdisciplinary creatives, the platform is set against the backdrop of emerging cultural forms and structures in urban areas, inspiring and helping residents, participants, and supporters to efficiently and innovatively “use” the space and support provided by the platform.

Local Information

Chengdu, capital of Sichuan, is a mega-cities of China. It is science and technology, trade and financial center and transportation and communication hub of Southwest China. It has been recognized as “The Land of Abundance” for a long time. Chengdu is also called the city of hibiscus, because the king of Shu made his subordinates plant a lot of hibiscuses in Chengdu. And the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has named Chengdu as the world’s Food & Delights capital.

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