University of California at Berkeley

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Founded 2020
Berkeley, United States


Our goal is to advance a more predictive ecological science to better meet societal needs in coming decades. We focus on delineating the limits to predictability, and developing novel concepts to improve predictability, at scales ranging from communities to continents. Our focus is primarily on understanding plant biodiversity from the interplay of ecophysiological, historical, and anthropogenic processes. We use a combination of fieldwork, informatics, and modeling approaches to address these focus areas. We carry out fieldwork and monitoring programs in forests in the Neotropics, west Africa, and southeast Asia, and in alpine environments in North America and Scandinavia. We also develop a range of software tools to support research efforts of others, and lead education and capacity-building efforts to work towards a more inclusive and relevant science.

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We are at the main campus of the University of California at Berkeley.

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