Maison Ventidue

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Founded 2014
Bologna, Italy


Maison Ventidue is a non-profit organization for cultural and social promotion. Born in Bologna in 2014, from the desire and commitment of a number of people, to give rise to intellectual speculation and site-specific studies, through the languages of performing arts and installation.

Local Information

Located in the historic center of Bologna, the apartment is a mutable and open place, a perimeter within which to explore and investigate. L’Appartamento believes in sharing spaces and experiences in order to activate creative research and become a driving force for personal and collective growth. L’Appartamento is a space in which to travel through words and themes such as: limit, proxemics, crossing, archetype, anatomy, architecture, relationship, myth, contemporary, science, and design. The space consists of two adjacent rooms of 16 square meters and 17.40 square meters respectively, and an outdoor space of about 30 square meters.

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