Make America Project

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Founded 2018
NYC, United States


At the heart of this multimedia journey lies the question “What Makes America?” MAP takes this question literally, and sets out to find anyone and everyone Making in America. Help us fill in the blank! At each location, the MAP team will be joined by Resident Artists (“MAP MAKERS”), who will live communally with the team and participate in both group artmaking and personal artistic practice. The MAP team also partners with with local communities on their own turf to learn about and document regional making, make art collaboratively, and together fill in the blank of What Makes America ___?_?_?____?

Local Information

Potential Map Makers apply to be Resident Artist in one of the following regions. Please apply to the location closest to where you are based at this time. Northern Midwest (August 22-25, 2018) Ex: Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota Rocky Mountains (August 28-August 31, 2018) Ex: Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho Pacific Northwest (September 3-6, 2018) Ex: Oregon, Washington

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