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Founded 2009
Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina


Matienschön is the visual arts department at Club Cultural Matienzo. Founded in November 2008, CCM is an independent venue for the arts, cultural, and community life in Buenos Aires. Together, a group of 80 members develop this enterprise and support events both on and off the club’s premises. The venue hosts a daily program of activities in its 3,200-ft premise including music, performing arts, literature, visual arts, cinema, design, and education. Active in the development of local and regional networks of activism and collaboration, CCM is both a platform for community action and a movement for social transformation that understands the value of culture as an identity-building process. Directed by Tam Painé Ciai y Agustín Jais –artists, curators and producers–, Matienschön mobilizes material, spacial and human resources for the development of contemporary art projects.

Local Information

Matienschön is located in Villa Crespo, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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