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Founded 2011
Athens, Greece


MilesKm is an experimental project exploring alternative structures within the arts, focusing on collaboration, exchange and learning. MilesKm is both a series of experiments encouraging international collaboration and a sustained practice driven research project. Both aspects of MilesKm strive to challenge existing structures within the Arts, while offering potential alternative frameworks. MilesKm focuses its attention on illustrating the value of collaboration and learning. These themes form the centre of MilesKm's current project, PACTO, a research project exploring communal negotiation and autonomy. Who is behind it? A growing team of artists, researchers and designers now make up the MilesKm committee, working towards our next project, TREGUA. Current MilesKm team: Nora Silva - Co-director & Co-founder Daphne Politi - Co-director Warren Andrews - MilesKm Captain on a gap year

Local Information

MilesKm is a nomadic collective facilitating one project a year in different locations and countries. These projects have taken the form of residencies, exhibitions, workshops, dinners and public talks. To this date we have traveled to Madrid, Utrecht, United Kingdom, Athens, La Rioja, London, Galicia and Milan.

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