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Founded 2013
Porto, Portugal


On the more depressed zone of the city of Porto, Campanhã, two galleries were born that have Photography as main protagonist and that occupy two of the eleven warehouses in the Street of Miraflor. An overview of the archives locates its construction between 1908 and 1917 that served the commerce done through Campanhã train station. The storage of wine, the manufacture of fishing nets, office supplies and others, have seen the decadence brought about by new routes and new means of transportation. Most of the abandoned warehouses looked doomed to collapse. It was its size (about 200 square meters), its height, the granite walls and the majestic doors that led photographers Manuela Matos Monteiro and João Lafuente to acquire two warehouses that are nowadays two galleries: Espaço MIRA and MIRA FORUM . One of the concerns was to recover both places respecting its plot and materials of origin and are now considered examples of a successful rehabilitation.

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MIRA FORUM gallery is the second warehouse on the street of Miraflor with the number 155. It is an interdisciplinary place that, for the great diversity of supply, has been assuming a body of a cultural center in Campanhã. Exhibitions, talks and book launches, conferences, debates and gatherings, photographic journeys, concerts, plays or dance shows are some of the activities that highlight the gallery. (+351) 929 145 191 / (+351) 929 113 431 Tuesday – Saturday, 3-7pm

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