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Founded 2018
Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo, Portugal


On the initiative of the Instituto Lusíada de Cultura, a non-profit making organization founded in 1982 and declared of public interest in 1991, a proposal was put forward to create a museum dedicated to digital art. The project would involve restoring a significant part of the premises of the Agricultural Co-Operative in Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo, in a well- known rural part of the Algarve, between the barrocal and the uplands. As our main concerns with regard to Zero Museum’s future programming, we can highlight those relating to its future artistic content, the commitment to establish a programming of events and initiatives which correspond to activities of a regular nature and also those with a “variable geometry”(from major international events to initiatives dedicated almost exclusively to the area, its people and culture), as well as the high demands in respect of the technical and technological resources to be involved in the future.

Local Information

Zero Museum will also stand out as being unique in the area where it is situated. The great challenge, and wager, stems precisely from the context in which this intervention will occur (abandoned industrial premises in an area which is still mostly agricultural and is gradually becoming depopulated, but where extraordinary aspects and values of the Algarve’s ethnology, culture and heritage still remain) and the ambition to transform it into a centre dedicated to artistic production which will project the Algarve and Portugal onto the international arena. Especially due to its location in the agricultural setting of the silos, indisputably standing out as a landmark. The concept of this museum aims at exploring the processes of hybridity: the search for continuity between landscape, architecture and art.

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