Museum La Neomudejar

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Founded 2013
madrid, Spain


The Neomudéjar is a Vanguard Museum / Center of Arts; as well as self-managed research and experimentation space. The residential programs that are contemplated are: 1) Residences for the investigation of the archives: CIDV (Videoart Research and Documentation Center) Transfeminist Archive / Kuir de La Neomudejar 2) Creation workshops "specific spaces" for the development of projects with cutting-edge disciplines (electronic art, robotics, video art, performance, sound art, street art) 3) Projects of visual arts (painting, sculpture, collage, photography) whenever the project deepens in the social denunciation, the memory, the political criticism the gender or the feminisms. 4) Residence for performance or sound art: Generator Room is a space for action art or sound art. New musicians for composers in the avant-garde sound are also included.

Local Information

El Museo dispone de 2 espacios para residencias: -Residencia 13de ZAPADORES (Situada en Barrio de Fuencarral Madrid) Talleres individuales con zona ajardinada en ciudad del arte de Madrid. -Residencia KARSTICA Situada en la provincia de Cuenca. (CAÑADA DEL HOYO) Taller con alojamiento en zona rural con tren a la puerta de la residencia. Zona exterior con mas de 2 hect de terreno. The Museum has 2 spaces for residences: -Residencia 13 de ZAPADORES (Located in Barrio de Fuencarral Madrid) Individual workshops with garden area in the city of art in Madrid. -KARSTICA Residence Located in the province of Cuenca. (CAÑADA DEL HOYO) Workshop with accommodation in rural area with train at the door of the residence. Outdoor area with more than 2 hectares of land.

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