National Veterans Art Museum

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Founded 1980
Chicago, United States


NVAM is dedicated to presenting art inspired from military service and combat by artists who are military veterans. Its subject matter is broad and often focused on the impact of military conflict, especially that which is directly experienced by fighters, service members, and civilians. NVAM collects art from all the branches of the military, and from artists who have seen war, military conflicts, and peacekeeping missions. The artists’ work in our collection is primarily from US-based artists, but includes works from artists around the world. Our collection focuses on works that show combat veteran art that engages all audiences to think about the impact of conflict on our society, community and nation. The majority of the NVAM collection is contemporary, covering WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War through to the present day. We continue to expand our collection as the history of veteran art extends far beyond the works currently in our collection.

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NVAM is the National Veterans Art Museum. Our collection comprises over 2,500 artworks collected over the past 35 years. Our mission is clear: to share veteran-created art inspired by combat and military service in ways that generate discussion on the meaning and impact of conflict on society. We aim to stimulate debate on the impact of conflict on society, community and individuals. The focus of our collection comprises art produced by veterans from the US military but we are proud to also hold international artworks in our collection.

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