O Rumo do Fumo

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Founded 1999
Penha de França, Portugal


Founded in 1999 by Vera Mantero and supported since then by the Portuguese Ministry of Culture, O Rumo do Fumo is a creation, production, national and international tour managing, research, teaching and recently programming structure in the field of contemporary dance, which positions itself in an experimental and research artistic territory. Territory that also extend the field of dance and its horizons, characterized by the transversality of the artistic disciplines and where dance, music, theater, literature/poetry, visual arts and cinema intersect. Since 2000 O Rumo do Fumo is responsible for the production of works by several artists with the aim of creating the necessary means for development and consolidation of their careers, providing a greater continuity of their works and facilitating opportunities for national and international touring.

Local Information

REHEARSAL STUDIO: - 100m2 with wooden floor covered with black dance floor; - Mirrors: 6m length by 2m height; - Audio equipment: 2 amplified speakers, mixing board. FACILITIES: - Meal area with microwave and fridge; - Bathrooms with hot shower; - Wireless internet and printer available. In April 2014, O Rumo do Fumo and Forum Dança took an ambitious step with the creation of ESPAÇO DA PENHA, a common space which officially opened on October 31. Equipped with five studios, work offices, classroom, Forum Dança's documentation centre and media library, storage spaces and common areas, ESPAÇO DA PENHA is an open house for the national and international artistic community and anyone interested in the performing arts. This space allows to simultaneously develop several activities and host permanent artistic structures, as well as artists for short and long periods of artistic residency.

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