Onassis AiR

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Founded 2019
Athens, Greece


Established by the Onassis Foundation in September 2019, Onassis AiR, (inter)national artistic research residency program, is a year-round program that grounds its mission in commitment to supporting artistic process, towards a less-product-obsessed arts ecosystem. Onassis AiR space, program and the resources are rooted in an un-disciplined, artist-run community of peers. A place where all the participants can work and think and eat together as a community that does not strive for the next project, the next premiere, the next product. A community and space that is very much local. A community that has the ability to pause, to rethink how each one of us functions within the society we live in. A space that offers time. Time to learn, to change, or go deeper, by doing and undoing or non-doing.

Local Information

Onassis AiR is located in the urban center of Athens.

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