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Founded 2018
Stadt Wehlen, Germany


OUTSIDEININSIDEOUTINSIDEOUTOUTSIDEIN is an artists-organised collective, aiming to establish annual meetings between international, Czech Republic and Germany based artists, researchers, film makers, cultural practitioners and social activists for co-creating a decentralised network for knowledge-making, as well as a platform for cultural exchange and experimentations. The program is devised with the focus on the creation of an individual and collective exploration of our inner and outer natural environments. We sense nature as an independent creature, a structure of knowledge, and a unique space of self-reflection and (re-)connection. We embrace our capability to connect with the nature in the unconsciousness, where our minds and bodies have no separation.

Local Information

This happening is based on a 14-day ‘laboratory’ at Gallery Torhaus, Stadt Wehlen, situated walking-distance to the national park Saxon Switzerland in Germany. With its unique natural surroundings, the laboratory encourages its participants to experiment with site-specific creations and researches that incorporates with natural landscape and material.

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