Passa Ao Futuro

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Founded 2016
Lisbon, Portugal


Passa Ao Futuro is a research based non-profit documenting to preserve the intangible cultural heritage of Portuguese artisans and craftsman. Activating this network through a series of residencies and organised collaborations. Supporting the sustainability of the crafts through positive social and environmental impact programming rooted in design and systems thinking. VISION To Cultivate An Interface For The Development Of Ideas, Techniques And Skills Between The Historical Past And The Sustainable Future. We Facilitate Collaboration And Innovation Between Artisans And Designers In The Production Of Utilitarian Designs On The Global And Local Scales. MISSION Passa Ao Futuro’s Mission Is To Preserve, Promote, Innovate And Activate The Portuguese Artisan Sector Through A Series Of Initiatives, Utilising Design Thinking. Allowing For And Supporting A Socially, Economically And Environmentally Sustainable, Responsible Design Process, Business Model And Future.

Local Information

We organise programs in several locations in Portugal. The current Design & Build Craftsmanship meets Digital Fabrication will be at CLARA. A collaborative workspace and think tank located in an abandoned brick factory that once served as an economic and social anchor for the region. Resurging as a center for rural future, it hosts activities from residencies, cultural events, workshops, debates and symposiums to volunteer campaigns at the intersections of Arts Design and sustainability Food and farming Climate change Community empowerment Sustainable architecture Social entrepreneurship Regionally anchored and internationally connected, it stimulates an open discourse on local issues to bridge the gap and create shared values between the urban and the rural. Promoting interaction and participation, experimentation, research, innovation and the transfer of knowledge, it challenges patterns of thinking and explores contemporary solutions to bring new life to low density regions.

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