Petrohradská kolektiv

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Founded 2015
Prague, Czechia


Petrohradská kolektiv is an artist-run initiative based in Prague, Czechia est. in 2015. The initiative runs its own cultural production and original dramaturgy. It stands for a meeting point of experiments and contemporary arts. Petrohradská kolektiv contributes to arts and culture and their meanings in our society locally and internationally by supporting, presenting and producing projects in the field of contemporary art and related disciplines. The original idea behind Petrohradská kolektiv has been making a community space for creativity and art practice, where there’s a place for both efficient working and pleasant relaxing. Our main goal is to sustain community based, yet professional environment and to further provide it to all visitors and collaborators. Our ctivities consist of exhibitions, educational practice, live art and creative cooperations with local and foreign artists and cultural workers.

Local Information

The building that serves as our base was built in 1903 in Vršovice district in Prague. Historically, it used to be a mill with a bakery, a chocolate factory, and the last resident of the building was the factory of Plants for Industrial Automation. Petrohradská kolektiv has been using the industrial complex, currently intended for demolition, as a cultural center, for purposes of which the space was adapted and revitalized. Within the center we run platforms for our activities such as Jedna Dva Tři Gallery, a repertory cinema Kino Petrohradská, workshop facilities, a café and a huge yard hosting various events mainly of our own dramaturgy, especially during the summer season. Our building also offers more than 30 studios rented by local and foreign artists and cultural workers based in Prague. Over the years, more than 200 residents have worked in the rented studios.

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