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Founded 2015
Oaxaca, Mexico


P O C O A P O C O is a multi-disciplinary, research-based residency in Oaxaca, Mexico offering time for retreat, a platform for creative exploration and space for a collective intelligence. The residency hosts artists and non-artists in a wide variety of fields to support research, conversation and community surrounding creative work, process and purpose. Oaxaca -- as a place, community and culture -- is at the heart of the residency, and active observation, conversation and accumulation of knowledge are viewed as essential components of creative practice. We work closely with individuals and organizations in the area to encourage cross –cultural education, inspiration and personal exchange within each discipline and project in hopes of building a broader and more engaging creative dialogue across countries, cultures and fields of research.

Local Information

Our residency is located in the city center of Oaxaca city in southern Mexico.

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