Radar Sofia

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Sofia, Bulgaria


The aim of the platform is to function as a centrе for contemporary writing and dramaturgy for theatre, dance and performance in Bulgaria. We understand contemporary dramaturgy in a broad spectrum of practices: we are interested in both dramatic and post-dramatic plays as well as artistic concepts, dramaturgy for dance, site-specific or interdisciplinary artworks, physical performances, performance poetry, socially-engaged and activist actions, contemporary visual arts, new technologies, game-based actions – everything that starts from the text and reaches the body – everything that is preoccupied with composition and structure, with the relation between performer and audience – everything that confronts its authors and audiences with the important questions of our contemporaneity that the mainstream in Bulgaria avoids.ta

Local Information

Radar’s neighbourhood is where many of the most famous and prolific Bulgarian writers worked and wrote. It is actually hard to find a part in a city with so much literary history.  Maybe it is because the area is located between several city gardens and two parks, a former royal palace (with its garden, too), ancient Roman ruins and buildings, peacefully coexisting with peculiar statehood strongholds from the Communist era. The Soviet-style past is glued to the flamboyant Bulgarian modernist architecture (the local version of the Vienna Secession), which on its turn grew right in the back yard of the Ottoman buildings from XVI century. All this is just a few minutes walk from the area where the old synagogue, the mosque, an orthodox church, a catholic cathedral, a protestant congregation centre and a yoga studio are located at a distance of less than 100 metres from each other, around the central hot mineral springs.

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