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Founded 2011
Gagliano del Capo, Italy


Ramdom is an artistic and cultural no-profit organization. Founded in 2011 at the tip of Italy’s heel, Ramdom creates and provides training in contemporary art and promotes mobility through masterclass, workshops, exhibitions and residencies. The association promotes new cultural creative practices and innovative languages of communication, interacting with citizens and public, private, national and international organisations. In September 2011 and 2013 Ramdom realized “DEFAULT, Masterclass in residence” in Lecce. For ten days twenty artists and ten international guests debated the topics of the city and regeneration. Some of the projects discussed at these meetings were later realized. The Masterclass ran alongside a rich programme of events. In 2014 Ramdom launched the programme “Investigating the extreme land”. Artists, curators, culture professionals and citizens are analysing and reflecting on and within marginal contexts through study and artistic production. From 2015 Ramdo

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Based at the first floor in the last railway station still active in south-east Italy, Ramdom is an interdisciplinary project that supports experimental educational formats (DEFAULT) and research projects on the topic of the so-called Extreme lands (Investigation of the Extreme Lands). Experiencing a geographically and anthropologically peculiar place is a fundamental part of the research itself. The Residency is in this sense a fundamental tool to start an autonomous or guided reflection on specific topics. From now on there is the opportunity to reach us and share a path. We will stay open and available the whole year. The program is open to professionals from all disciplines: artists, curators, researchers, writers, anthropologists, philosophers, linguists, architects, urban planners, geographers, musiciens, professionals of scientific disciplines and hikers. More info here:

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