Residenza Lago Scuro

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Founded 2019
Stagno Lombardo , Italy


Residenza Lago Scuro is an interdisciplinary residency offering creative people the chance to explore their practice and make work while living on, and learning about, a beautiful biodynamic farm in Northern Italy. This program emphasizes the exchange between practitioners of the cultural arts and agricultural arts. Focusing on the value that’s created when different minds and like-hearts are together in a space dedicated to nourishment, creativity, and operating with the pace of nature.

Local Information

Located in Cremona, Italy - Cascina Lago Scuro is a farm, dairy, vegetable garden, pre-school, laboratory and restaurant. The property dates back to the 18th century, and is composed of many distinct environments: the church, the farmer's house, the manor house, a neo-gothic courtyard, the stables for horses and cows, and the dairy. A garden rich in Oaks, Magnolias, Hazels and other tree species surrounds the rear of the farmhouse, whose still intact brick tower maintains the atmosphere of the ancient manor immersed in an oasis of natural peace. A feeling that is still preserved today by this magical place. The cascina was the idea of Fabio and Paola who, in 1990, came to the land to do “real agriculture“ - using biodynamic farming practices to grow organic, sustainable, and quality food. Now their son Luca with his wife Federica have also entered into this reality, growing the cascina to become a place of continuous transformation and experimentation.

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