Ria Keburia Foundation

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Founded 2018
Kakheti, Georgia


The Ria Keburia Foundation, founded in 2018 by the Georgian patron of the arts Ria Keburia, aims to support development of contemporary art scene in Georgia and the region of South Caucasus. By raising awareness of various global art processes, the Foundation creates intercultural contexts and brings together a diverse community of arts professionals. The Foundation is currently pursuing several directions: 1) supporting artistic production by local, regional, and international artists by inviting them to participate in various events; 2) creating meaningful educational platform for emerging artists by proving them with residency stay and networking; 3) discovering emerging artists and curators via international Open Call; 3) funding exchange program with various residencies abroad; 4) strengthening the promotion of emerging Georgian and regional artists on the global art scene by participating in regional and international art fairs.

Local Information

The Ria Keburia A-i-R is located in Kachreti, Kakheti, historical region in the eastern Georgia 1,5 hour drive from Tbilisi. It's located on the territory of the hotel Ambassadori, Kachreti, surrounded by nature. Main locations of the projects, run by the Ria Keburia foundation, are the sculpture park and the exhibition hall on the residency grounds in Kachreti.

Network Affiliations

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